Repairs & Servicing


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Throughout Hampshire, West Sussex, Surrey and Dorset, South Coast Shutters are able to provide 24/7 emergency breakdown call outs and diagnostics for faulty roller security shutters and roller garage doors.

Types of shutters repaired/serviced:

  • Retail shop front roller security shutters
  • Commercial roller security shutters
  • Industrial roller security shutters
  • Domestic roller security shutters
  • Home security shutters
  • Remote controlled garage doors

Health and Safety Legislation.

Please take note that it is compulsory to make sure that your security roller shutters comply with the Workplace Regulation 1992 Maintenance of Equipment, Devices and Systems. To comply fully with current regulations please make sure that your security roller shutters are inspected at least once per annum. Failure to do so may result in prosecution in the event of an accident.

We are also able to offer a professional routine maintenance contract to service your shutters.

Our standard service includes: check all fixings are secure, check for the smooth operation of the shutter, check for any worn parts and replace with new, the adjustment of up/down limit switches and lubrication of the guide rails and curtain.

We always advise that roller security shutters are serviced at least once per annum, thus greatly reducing the chance of costly breakdowns as well as ensuring your roller security shutters are kept in optimum condition. A faulty or none working shutter can lead to major disruption for businesses. All parts replaced with new are covered under warranty for 1 year.

Just some of the spares we normally carry to a call:

Security Shutter Dual pole surface mounted keyswitch
Dual pole surface mounted keyswitch
Garage Door CChrome ellipse four channel remote
Chrome ellipse four channel remote
Garage Door 4 Channel Hand Held Remote
Four Channel Hand Held Remote
Security Shutter Momentary Rocker Switch
Single pole rocker switch
Security Shutter Eye override
Eye override
Somfy tubular motor with manual override
Somfy tubular motor - manual override
Security Shutter SeceuroSense remote control receiver
SeceuroSense remote control receiver
Security Shutter Budget price remote control receiver
Budget price remote control receiver
Security Shutter Four channel remote key fob
Four channel remote key fob
Original garage door bottom slat transmitter
Garage door bottom slat transmitter
Original seceurosmart hand held remote
Original seceurosmart hand held remote
Remote Garage Door Single channel remote fob
Single channel remote fob
Security Shutter Steel, Nylon plastic & Plastic endlocks
Steel, Nylon & Plastic endlocks
Security Shutter Swivel casssette housing
Swivel casssette housing
Various sized locking T springs
Various sized locking T springs

Services include:

  • Same day repair
  • Fault finding
  • Replacement parts list :- tubular motors, motor switches, tamper proof key switches, internal up/down switches, hand held transmitters, control unit receivers, curtain lathes/slats, shutter hoods, end plates, guide rails, curtain hangers, nylon and steel stop ends
  • Jammed shutters freed
  • Limit switch adjustments
  • Roller shutter conversions from manual operation to electric operation
  • Servicing and maintenance of roller security shutters
  • Scheduled site visits to asses potential problems before they occur
  • Written reports with recommendations/advice on roller security shutters

Typical faults and diagnostics:

Remote Controlled Roller Garage Doors & Security Shutters.

  • The door will not function. Either a power cut or a blown fuse in the plug or the wall mounted control unit.
  • The door will open, but not close. Either the batteries need replacing in the Bottom Slat Transmitter or the Bottom Slat Transmitter needs replacing.
  • The door will open, but not close. The Photocell and/or Reflector are out of alignment, (if fitted).
  • The door struggles to open. Either the door is jamming in the guide rails or the motor needs replacing. Our motors are usually good for +10 years, subject to usage.
  • The door is not running smoothly. Periodically clean the door with a mild detergent and soft sponge. Never use a high powered jet wash. Clean out the guide rails, they will accumulate a build up of grit. Lubricate the key areas with a good quality silicon spray.
  • The door has been hit by a forklift truck. A common and costly mistake! Minimum requirements will be to see if the shutter is still securely fixed. Damaged slats/lathes will need replacing.
  • The door has been closed onto an obstruction. This will normally cause the door to ‘bunch up.’ The door will need to be freed and more than likely the up/down limit switches will need re-setting.
  • The door has become detached from the barrel assembly. An extremely rare scenario and should never happen providing you have a regular maintenance/service contract. New ‘T Springs’ or Curtain Attachments will be required.

Advice costs nothing. Please feel free to give us a call.